The Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies is an entrepreneurial initiative of various ecclesiastic institutions and individuals. As such, it is in constant need of funds for everything from the establishment of a substantial endowment to ongoing operating costs. In light of this, we would be especially pleased to hear from you if you thought there was some way you could help us in building up the financial profile we need in order to carry on well into the future. From this site, it is possible to donate directly to the Institute. Equally, it is possible to donate through St David’s Catholic College, Ty Gwyn Road, Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5QD, and designate the money specifically for TICS.

We are happy to receive support in other ways as well. Volunteers will always be needed in order to make things happen, from conferences to classes. As well, if you have any kind of expertise in your professional life that you think might benefit the Institute, we would like to hear about it. It could be that you have served as a school governor, or worked as a solicitor, an accountant, or an administrator. All of these things could serve TICS well, and enable us to undertake things not previously possible.


Whatever the case, do get in touch!

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