Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies (DECS) Level 7

The DECS offers an intensive period of study in eastern Christian theology and philosophy; covering advanced topics in historical and systematic theology, biblical studies, and philosophical theology. While the course emphasizes eastern Christian approaches to these disciplines, it also interacts heavily with the development of theology in the west. Thus, students will engage with contemporary problems in theology and philosophy as well as ancient ones. The Diploma is ideal for those who did not study theology or philosophy in their first degree or who desire to increase their knowledge of early Christianity and the eastern tradition. It is designed to equip students for lay or vocational ministry within the Church or to prepare them for postgraduate study at an M.A. level. To receive a diploma, students must successfully complete 60 credits of advanced modules.

By the end of the course, students will have had the opportunity to acquire a more specialized knowledge of the beliefs, practices, texts and history of the eastern Christian tradition and be able to critically engage with both ancient approaches to faith and modern intellectual developments.

Entry Requirements

Students must have completed an accredited undergraduate degree in any subject (e.g., B.A., B.S., etc).

Also, students who have successfully completed our Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies (obtaining a merit or distinction) may be admitted to the diploma program.


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