The Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies is an academic institute dedicated to the study and teaching of theology and philosophy, especially as it proceeds from the centuries prior to the formal division of the Church into Greek East and Latin West, but equally as it applies to our contemporary world.
We use the word ‘ecumenical’ to refer to the former period, as it reflects our desire to transcend divisions and draw fresh insights from the sources of Christian Tradition.

While it is the primary intention of the Institute to serve Catholics of both the Eastern and Western traditions in Wales and England, we hope that what we offer might be of equal interest to Orthodox Christians and anyone else interested in Patristic Tradition and the Classical inheritance.

It is intended that the Institute represent an ancient and conciliar side of Catholicism, as it goes about the enterprise of theology from a faithful academic – rather than a polemical – point of view. It seeks to thereby equip its students with the best possible tools by which to go about their religious lives in the contemporary world.

The Institute operates under the omophor of Bishop Hlib, of the Eparchy of the Holy Family of London (Ukrainian Greek Catholic), and the blessing of Archbishop George Stack of the Archdiocese of Cardiff (Roman Catholic).
It was raised as a Public Institute of the Faithful by decree of the bishops in December, 2012.


Only through the critical study of its tradition can Christianity come to an appreciation of its identity, and so renew that tradition for the future. This Institute helps in this on-going process.

Prof. Tom O’Loughlin

Professor of Historical Theology, University of Nottingham

TICS is an impressive new initiative that gives a considerable boost to the academic study of early Christianity in the south-west of Britain. Its focus on the Catholic tradition contributes a distinct perspective not provided by any other institute in the region, or indeed in Britain.

Prof. Josef Lössl

Professor of Historical Theology & Intellectual History, Cardiff University

The Theotokos Institute is an important development in the life of the Church. This is especially so as it seeks to transcend divisions by going to the sources of faith, by representing the traditions of the Christian East as well as the West, and by exploring issues that are as relevant today as they have been over the course of Christian history. Its work is to be commended.

Father Mykola Matwijiwskyj

Economos, Eparchy of the Holy Family of London (Ukrainian Greek Catholic)

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