Eastern Christian
Thought and Practice
for 21st Century Europe

A conference for academics, clergy, and lay people

26-28 November 2014


Professore Andrew Louth
Professor Emeritus, Patristic & Byzantine Studies
Durham University

Dr Roman Zaviyskyy
Dean of Theology
Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine

Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian
Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church in UK
Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Cardiff University

This Conference is aimed at academics, clergy, and interested lay people who wish to explore the place that an authentically Eastern Christian position might hold in the contemporary European conversation.
As a registered conference attendee, you will be able to attend all lectures, seminars, principal lectures, and the conference reception at no additional cost, while members of the public who wish to attend a principal lecture, will be subject to a the cost of admission. Further details, including costs, full conference schedule, and a list of all contributors, can be found on this page.
The Conference costs £150 per person, but we are offering a REDUCED fee of £120 if you apply before 1st September.
You can now apply for this Conference online filling in with your contact details the application form below. Once you have entered your details, press the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button, at which point you will be able to enter payment by credit/debit card using PayPal.

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Contact the Director, Father James Siemens, for more information.